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"My anxiety from nightmares has disappeared."

After just two visits to State of Mind Hypnosis my anxiety from nightmares has disappeared. My concern about our granddaughter moving to and living in another province has eased. I feel relaxed. Thank you Hilary!


"Fast and effective."


I worked with Hilary over Zoom. She has a great approach, one that is fast and effective. She gets right to the heart of things. Very effective work!


"Highly recommend State of Mind!"

The experience with Hilary has been excellent, the atmosphere in her office is relaxing and professional. Working together has been extremely helpful providing a lot of insight in areas I didn't even know I needed to work on. Highly recommend State of Mind!

-Perri Reesor

"Nothing like the TV or Stage Show versions. I was alert the whole time."


I am a female in my late 60s. I contacted State of Mind for help with a sleep disorder and general anxiety. Both problems I have struggled with for many years, and for which I take medication.


Over a program of 5 sessions, Hilary gently helped me to discover the root causes for these issues, but also uncover others that were blocking progress. It was a tremendous relief to finally face and release them. I feel like a huge burden has been lifted.


The Hypnosis sessions were relaxing and very productive. Nothing like the TV or Stage Show versions. I was alert the whole time, allowing Hilary to guide me through specific imagery, and communicating with her throughout. After I was alert, relaxed, and remembered all that had transpired.


Overall, I can’t say enough about the benefits of the program. I now have the tools to address anything that comes, and the confidence to make it happen. No longer requiring sleep aides, I am getting a sound sleep each night and waking alert and rested.



"There has definitely been a shift in both my physical and emotional well being"

I recently participated in two Reiki/Hypnosis sessions with Hilary.   Six months ago I had completed an Hypnosis program with her that successfully addressed  both long term phobias and a General Anxiety Disorder.   My purpose for exploring the Reiki/Hypnosis was two fold.  Having recently discontinued all anxiety medication I wanted to help my body with the physical transition, and I was looking for relief from joint/muscle issues and insomnia, which were becoming more prevalent with age.  


The combination of complete relaxation, guided imagery and energy transference took things to another level.  In a lying position, my body felt weightless while my mind was totally engaged.  Images that I discovered in previous sessions returned to me in more detail.  Conservations with loved ones passed helped to bring buried emotions to the surface   And,  I could physically sense the mind/body connection. 


There has definitely been a shift in both my physical and emotional well being, and I continue to benefit from the work done in those sessions.  If your mind is open to the possibly of this effective method of healing, I would encourage you to check it out.  


"I have been able to connect to me again."

Hilary has provided me with a safe foundation to explore my inner child and my grown up self. She has led me step by step to deeper emotions and uncovered more than I ever thought was possible. I have been able to connect to me again. She has brought light to some dark places and as I travel through on my journey of life, I feel enlightened and much more connected to who I am. She is truly a beautiful teacher who has helped me tremendously.


"I have began working out again"

Hilary is fantastic! She is a fabulous listener, she has helped me overcome a huge life upset that seemed like a mountain I could not climb until I began working with her. She has helped me change my mindset to be more positive and open to change. I have noticed an increase in myself confidence and she has help me turn off my inner critic! I have began working out again, something I would have talked myself out of before I started seeing Hilary. I truly can’t wait until my next session!

Sarah D 

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