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Art & Soul

In this unique and transformative workshop, participants will embark on a journey of self-discovery and creative expression through a combination of guided meditation and intuitive art. The session begins with a calming and introspective guided meditation designed to help attendees tap into their inner selves, release stress, and open up to their innate creativity. As they become more centered and focused, participants will be better equipped to access their subconscious mind and explore their emotions and innermost thoughts.

Following the meditation, the workshop transitions to an intuitive art class, where attendees will be encouraged to express themselves freely through various artistic mediums. With no specific instructions or expectations, participants will have the opportunity to explore their creativity without judgment or pressure.


The intuitive art process can help individuals uncover personal insights, process emotions, and even achieve a sense of healing and self-discovery. By combining guided meditation and intuitive art, this workshop provides a safe and nurturing space for participants to connect with their inner selves, foster self-awareness, and unleash their creative potential. The benefits of such an experience can extend beyond the workshop, empowering attendees to cultivate mindfulness, improve emotional well-being, and develop a deeper appreciation for their own unique creative expressions.

We hold this workshop at the clinic once a month! 


Do you have art materials at home? Join us via Zoom! Payment is made through the Zoom link below.

Are you local? Join us in office! After reserving your spot you will be sent an invoice for $40.

All art materials are supplied.

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