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Cellular Hypnosis

Your Cells have a message for you.

Cells can store memories and hold onto old events, usually as a form of protection. This can overtime cause body discomfort, excess weight, skin issues and more. With a cell hypnosis session we can find out what your body is holding onto and work on letting it go. A cell session is not meant as a cure all, it is more of a holistic approach to add to your self healing journey.

Image by Krystal Ng
Image by Jen P.

Resources for
Cell Hypnosis

Support and work with your body.


Cellular Work in Hypnosis

Through working directly with the cells of the body we can address old memories, body discomfort, weight gain, and much more

Hypnosis Audios

Speak to your cells audio

This is our budget friendly speak to your cells audio. If you would like something 1:1 and custom to you, please reach out!


20 - 30 minute podcasts all about brain training and helpful hypnosis techniques

An almost-daily podcast for the State of Mind Community. 
Offering ideas and answering questions on how to use your mind for growth and happiness.

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