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Tarot Card Deck

What is a Clair'ity Session?
When I realized I was tapping intuitively into other people, it was clear to me that I was not only feeling, hearing and seeing - it was all flowing in together at once. Psychic readings and mediumship just didn't explain it well enough - it was so much more than that. The Clair'ity session encompasses all the modalities as one. While in session we also work on your Blueprint Wellness.

What is Blueprint Wellness?
Imagine a grid system, like an egg shape around your aura. This grid system acts like a blueprint to your life. It holds information from your past and future. During the session we look into your blueprint and see what needs healing intention and we work on mending it.

The Clair'ity Session

What goes into a 50 Min Clair'ity Session?

- Tarot Reading
- Reiki
- Psychic Messages
- Mediumship Messages
- Tapping into your blueprint and working on bringing wellness
 into your life.
- Aura Reading & Chakra Cleansing

All these could be used during the session or just a few depending on what your Higher Self has in store for you. Price: $130 (including tax)
(limited time price, regular $180.80)


Image by Sean Oulashin
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