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Weight Loss


"With her help I have already lost more than 15 lbs in only a few weeks."

All I can say is that Hilary is a miracle worker. She helped me immensely in getting aspects of my life in control that had otherwise been in chaos. The way that Hilary approaches changes in your life through hypnosis is remarkable, and she does so without judgement. Through positive association I was able to greatly improve my diet, motivation, impulse control, exercise, and overall lifestyle. With her help I have already lost more than 15 lbs in only a few weeks. I cannot recommend Hilary enough. If you are seeking changes in your life but don't necessarily know how to go about doing so, Hilary can help you to discover underlying issues that may be perpetuating bad habits. Her guidance helped me to address issues that I had never even considered as triggers to overeating, and as a result I am happier, healthier, and much better off. If you are seeking a hypnotherapist to get you started on your lifestyle change journey, look no further than Hilary. I cannot say enough good things about her and her practise.

Alex M. 



"I was so blown away by the effectiveness"


Hilary from State of Mind Hypnosis and Training Centre is absolutely amazing. Over the past few months her work has literally changed my life.
I originally decided to make an appointment to try hypnosis to help with anxiety I was experiencing. I can say now that thanks to Hilary I am no longer dealing with this issue any longer. I was so blown away by the effectiveness of Hilary's sessions that I continue to see her to work on other issues in other areas of my life. Hilary is also an extremely warm and caring person that puts you at ease the moment you walk into her office. I look forward to each session with her : )

-Rachel Hallett 



"I have began working out again"

Hilary is fantastic! She is a fabulous listener, she has helped me overcome a huge life upset that seemed like a mountain I could not climb until I began working with her. She has helped me change my mindset to be more positive and open to change. I have noticed an increase in myself confidence and she has help me turn off my inner critic! I have began working out again, something I would have talked myself out of before I started seeing Hilary. I truly can’t wait until my next session!

Sarah D. 



"I have lost 38lbs since starting the program!"

So happy I worked with SOM, I am in the USA and worked with Hilary over Zoom. I started seeing changes right away with what I was eating, how I felt full and didn't want more when before I would have eaten a lot more. What I didn't realize thought was that I was working on so much more than just eating and losing weight! I was working on my self love, self image and self care! Thank you Hilary, for giving me my life back! I have lost 38lbs since starting the program!

Imani S.

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