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Develop Your Intuition

Currently in Office Only


Discover the power of your intuition and unlock your inner guidance with our immersive 'Develop Your Intuition' workshop. You'll embark on a transformative journey, learning how to access your innate intuitive abilities and apply them to your daily life. This workshop is designed to help you gain deeper self-awareness and trust in your inner wisdom, allowing you to make more confident decisions and navigate life's challenges with ease.

During the workshop, Hilary will guide you through a series of engaging activities and discussions, exploring different types of intuition, their benefits, and common misconceptions. You'll learn how to tap into the subconscious mind and connect with your body's wisdom to enhance your intuitive abilities. Our guided meditation and visualization exercises will help you create a safe and peaceful inner sanctuary where you can access your intuition and gain valuable insights.

The hands-on approach of this workshop allows you to practice intuitive journaling, sensing energy, and working with chakras, empowering you to develop your intuitive skills further. You'll leave the workshop with practical tips and strategies for integrating intuition into your daily life and continuing your journey of self-discovery.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to explore your intuitive potential and harness its power for personal growth and fulfillment. Sign up today and start unlocking the secrets of your inner guidance system!

What's included with the workshop?

- An Angel Card Deck - 

- Pendulum - 

- Journal -

- Pen -

$250 +tx

After reserving your spot you will be sent a confirmation email and an invoice for $125 deposit.

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