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Release Anxiety Program

Anxiety can be debilitating. Sometimes it keeps us in bed, sometimes stuck in our homes, unable to deal with certain situations and so much more.

As a person who used to deal with anxiety on a daily basis, I understand that it feels so large that you think it will never go away.

Take it from me, it can go away, by using hypnosis. 

I am not saying you will never have anxiety ever again, however, you will be relieved of your greatest anxieties and live a new calm you that has the ability to have an outsiders perspective on your thoughts and emotions, finally having the ability to manage them, instead of them managing you!

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Program Outline

This is a 5 week program that works with your specific anxieties! Each week is specific to you and your needs.

Whether we work together face to face or you are an online client you will receive a comprehensive and dedicated plan made for you!

Benefits of this plan include: Increased self love, increased self confidence, increased self esteem, reduction in your specific anxiety, ability to face social situations with confidence.

Frequently asked questions

Can anyone do hypnosis?

Yes! Remember hypnosis is achieved naturally by you and everyone around you multiple times a day. You are in hypnosis while you watch television, while you drive and also when you are intently focused on something. If you find yourself really motivated to make a change in your life, then hypnosis is for you!

Does hypnosis really work for stress/anxiety?

Yes, studies have found that hypnosis is a sure fire way of releasing anxiety from ones life. It can also help deal with PTSD, panic attacks and no much more!

Can my anxiety completely go away with hypnosis?

Hypnosis can be used in conjunction with cognitive behavioural therapy and have wonderful effects, however pairing it with CBT is not necessary. As each client is different, the amount of work it takes to release the anxiety differs. We work to release the root cause of the anxiety. You will feel incredibly better but it does not mean that it will be completely cured. Depending on life circumstances you may find yourself wanting a 'tune up' so to speak.

Can my depression be helped with hypnosis?

When it comes to helping people get through depression, we recommend speaking with your doctor first. However, clients often come in and learn relaxation techniques which can help pull them up out of feeling depressed. Once you are feeling better we can start hypnosis sessions.

Can hypnosis help with stress?

Hypnosis can be used for stress! We bring you to a deeply relaxed state where you are now able to release yourself from the feelings of fight or flight. As a hypnotherapist I used hypnosis to manage my anxiety and the effects of it were amazing!

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