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Build Your Own
Hypnosis for Anxiety Mini Program

1. Awareness & Relaxation

A 30 minute session focused on understanding anxiety, identifying triggers, and introducing relaxation techniques to manage anxiety symptoms.

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2. Cognitive Restructuring and Confidence Building

A 30 minute session to address negative thought patterns, enhance self-confidence, and improve coping strategies.

3. Future Relaxation and Stress Management

A 30 minute session designed to provide tools for future stress management, deep relaxation, and promoting overall well-being.

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What's Included?

Access to three audio guided hypnosis sessions, lasting 30 min each.

Audios are yours to keep and use at any time.

Access to a resource library with additional relaxation and mindfulness materials.


Build your own Anxiety Hypnosis Program Below

A cost-effective way to explore the benefits of hypnosis for anxiety.

Professionally guided sessions to help individuals address anxiety triggers and develop coping strategies.

Tools for long-term stress management and relaxation.


Your investment in your wellness routine is $197+tx CAD

Start Building Your Mini Program for Anxiety!

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