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Release Symptoms of Menopause Program

As I am aging I am finding my own self going through perimenopausal symptoms, like hot flashes and sleep disturbances. However, using hypnosis on myself to treat these symptoms has worked wonderfully!

It is scientifically proven that symptoms of menopause and perimenopause can be reduced with the use of hypnosis!

"Research has shown that once-weekly sessions of hypnosis, with women also practising at home, can help the women to reduce hot flushes by 70 per cent after just five weeks, reducing both the frequency and the intensity of the flushing. Women taking part in this research also reported being ‘highly satisfied’ with the treatment, scoring it more than 9 out of 10."

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Program Outline

This is a 5 week program that is tailored to your symptoms. Whether we are meeting face to face or online. Your program is comprehensive and will work to reduce your symptoms!

Benefits of this program include: reduction in hot flashes, increased deep sleep, feelings of calm and confidence.

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