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Build Your Own
Hypnosis for Healthy Eating Mini Program

1. Mindful Eating and Craving Control

A 30 minute session focused on mindful eating techniques, controlling cravings, and understanding the emotional aspects of eating.

Woman Cooking in Kitchen
Food Ingredients in Bowls

2. Portion Control and Nutritional Choices

A 30 minute session addressing portion control, making healthier food choices, and managing portion sizes effectively.

3. Long-Term Habit Formation and Motivation

A 30 minute session to reinforce healthy eating habits, develop long-term strategies for maintaining them, and boost motivation for a healthier lifestyle.

Measuring Waist

What's Included?

Access to three audio guided hypnosis sessions, lasting 30 min each.

Audios are yours to keep and use at any time.

Access to a resource library with additional relaxation and mindfulness materials.


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A structured approach to develop and maintain healthy eating habits.

Professionally guided sessions to address emotional eating and encourage better food choices.

Tools for long-term habit formation and motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


Your investment in your wellness routine is $197+tx CAD

Start Building Your Mini Program for Healthy Eating!

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