Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer!

Sleep is one of those things we are all in need of. Sometimes our minds can race, keep us awake or our bodies just do not want to let go. Hypnotherapy is a tried and proven way to increase your ability to get those ZZz's

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Your sleeping journey using Hypnotherapy

After our initial free consult we will determine the best route for helping you with your sleep, everyone is different! 

How does hypnosis allow my mind to slow down?

During hypnosis your mind enters the Theta state. This is a state where your brain waves have slowed significantly and you are probably the most relaxed you've ever been in your life. During this state we use targeted hypnosis methods to make it so every time you go to bed your mind automatically enters this Theta state...next stop Delta state (Sleep!)

How does hypnosis allow me to stay asleep?

Through our system you will find that many things that have been on your mind (things that wake you during the night) are dealt with and neutralized. This allows the mind to stay asleep and for you to get the REM that you need to feel refreshed in the morning.