past life and life between live's journeys are a beautiful way of connecting to your higher self, loved ones who have passed and understanding your purpose! 

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Past life and Life between Live's hypnosis is for those seeking a deeper meaning to their live's. It is for those that wish to step further into the world of spiritual hypnosis, to gain a greater understanding of the world around them.

A pioneer in the field Dr. Michael Newton wrote numerous books on his studies of this type of hypnosis after finding that thousands of his clients were experiencing the same realms without having known each other! 

Who are Ideal Candidates for LBL Sessions?

Not everyone is ready for an LBL session. If you have a lot of work on self discovery then you are most likely a good candidate. Inner knowledge can help one understand what they  see and hear while in LBL. 

How is a Life-Between-Lives Session Conducted?

There are different ways to take a client through LBL, and this depends on many factors. Meeting spirit guides who guide us through that realm or we may start out going through a past life regression and then into that realm upon death. We may step backwards in time through this life and then upon reaching the womb stage move into the life between lives realm. It all really depends on what the clients higher soul self is ready to show. Many times you will meet soul-mates, soul-groups and witness the life planning review.

So What Exactly do You See in an LBL State?

A person will see what they are ready to see. Some speak of beauty and colours beyond description. Some see lost loved ones. Some meet their soul groups. There are many things that one will see and go through during the experience.

How long does a session like LBL last?

LBL is normally longer than a regular hypnosis session, usually consisting of 3-4 hours. During the beginning we will go over who you know in this life time, gather information and names. This way we can move through the session easily by recognizing souls who might be with you during this lifetime. Why you have had certain experiences during this life and gain a greater awareness of yourself and the universe!

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