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Release Limiting Beliefs

Thank you for signing up for my Free 30min Class on Releasing Limiting Beliefs!

I know you're going to love working with this technique.

Before class, think about what limiting belief you might be struggling with.

When you join the seminar, please keep your video and sound turned off.

Everyone is going through their own journey and it is important to keep anonymity.


Here is a list of limiting beliefs to help:

  1. I'm not good enough: Feeling inadequate or unworthy of success or love.

  2. I'm too old/young: Believing that age is a barrier to achieving goals.

  3. I'm not smart enough: Thinking that one lacks the intelligence to succeed.

  4. I'm not talented: Believing that inherent talent is necessary for success.

  5. Money is evil: Associating wealth with negative qualities.

  6. I'm a failure: Identifying oneself solely based on past failures.

  7. I don't deserve happiness: Feeling undeserving of positive experiences.

  8. I'm too shy: Believing that shyness prevents social interactions.

  9. I can't change: Resisting personal growth or change.

  10. People won't like me: Assuming others will reject or judge.

  11. Success requires luck: Believing that success is purely a matter of chance.

  12. I must please everyone: Feeling responsible for others' happiness.

  13. I'll never find love: Believing in a lack of romantic opportunities.

  14. I must be perfect: Striving for flawlessness in all aspects of life.

  15. Risk is dangerous: Avoiding risks due to fear of failure or harm.

  16. I don't have time: Perceiving a lack of time for pursuing goals.

  17. I'm a victim: Believing that external factors control one's life.

  18. I'm powerless: Feeling incapable of influencing outcomes.

  19. I can't trust anyone: Believing others are inherently untrustworthy.

  20. I'm always unlucky: Assuming that bad luck follows constantly.

  21. Change is bad: Resisting change due to fear of the unknown.

  22. I'll be rejected: Anticipating rejection or abandonment.

  23. Wealthy people are greedy: Associating financial success with negative traits.

  24. I can't do it alone: Believing dependency is necessary for success.

  25. I must be liked by everyone: Striving for universal approval.

  26. I'm stuck in my circumstances: Feeling trapped and unable to change situations.

  27. I'm not attractive: Believing physical appearance determines worth.

  28. I'm a procrastinator: Identifying with chronic procrastination.

  29. I'm not worthy of success: Feeling undeserving of achievements.

  30. Life is a struggle: Viewing life as a constant battle.

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