NDE Recovery


Welcome! NDE Recovery is a process that has been used for many years in the NDE field to bring clients back to their NDE memories and reintegrate the benefits of their experience.

This is a free session to those interested. Please read over the following carefully.

1. Ethical and moral guidelines state that I will not be taking anyone who has had a frightening experience through this process.

2. If you have not had an NDE but would wish to experience a past OBE, STE or SDE, you are welcome to go through the process.

3. We never relive the death experience. We just go straight to source.

4. I will not ever be sharing your specific experience with anyone, unless given consent. 

5. Overarching benefits about the process may be discussed at the IANDS conferences, however your name will never be mentioned, unless given consent.

Let’s Work Together

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