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NDE Recovery

Have you experienced an NDE or STE and have either lost information or would like to re-experience it?

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I look forward to meeting with you! Please reach out to me through the links below!

Sometimes during an NDE or an STE of some kind, the experience can be so powerful that the human mind has a hard time bringing the knowledge or feelings of this experience back into the body.

Do you feel like there are portions of your experience that are not quite as clear?

Do you feel as if you have one foot in your body and one foot out?

Do you want to re-experience the connected feeling again?

Session overview

We start off with chatting and developing the intention for the session. We then start the session with a guided progressive relaxation. Once there we once again state the intention and move into the NDE or STE. Always starting at the moment it happened. We do not visit anything that lead up to the NDE or STE.

After the experience you will bring forward a spiritual guide that can help to answer any questions you may have about life or the experience itself.

Ethics and Guidelines.

- We start at the moment the NDE or STE started for you, we do not go through any scenario that lead up to the experience.

- We do not go through any NDE's or STE's that were "hellish"

- During the experience I do not ask any leading questions, this means I only ask things like, "what happens next?", "Where are you?", "Can you explain this?".

- Your session is recorded for you.

- I do ask that I can anonymously use portions of your experience in talks at conferences or in future writing.

A hypnosis session to help recover, reintegrate & learn.

Journey Call
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