On Pricing

We know this is important. It is almost as important as your happiness.

Successful hypnosis comes in a series of steps.

First you must learn about the process, some theories about your mind, and how we will conduct your
sessions. Then together, we must practice guiding you into your subconscious mind for the purpose of
making changes that you seek. Then, in hypnosis, we make suggestions and resolve experiences
that are presently interfering with your goals.


This normally requires three visits at minimum. But, depending on the changes you seek, we find five sessions is usually what it takes to accomplish most goals related to fears, anxieties, weight loss and personal empowerment.

We attempt to design your journey aware of the cost to you but also aware of what it costs us to be in
this business.

Each of your visits will take up to two hours. Each of those sessions is individually designed for you and, on average, take about an hour for the hypnotist to plan in advance. Notes and records are kept and take more time at the end of a session.

We want the best results for our clients and to ensure that their experience is calm, comfortable and effective. We offer coffee, tea, snacks and a calming atmosphere.

All of this brings us to the pricing of this customized personal service.

We will meet with you, at no cost to you to discuss your needs and plan a journey that will take you to
your desired outcome. It will normally cost somewhere between $195 - $850 for up to five sessions of
work. $195 being a one off session. Sessions decrease in price with the custom packages.

We know that this can be expensive for many people. In our quest to help as many people as possible
we offer payment plans to make it easier. We accept credit cards. We offer group sessions which are
less personalized but can be effective for many goals. We offer recorded programs that you can use on
your own. We offer weekly training, information, and support groups to help you in your journey.


Most of all, we offer free 1 hour consultations to allow you to consult and ask questions before you make
the decision to engage hypnosis. These can be virtual or in person. We work with people all over the world.

Our goal is to help you with your mind. Because nothing is more important that your state of mind.