A New Chapter!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

In October 2018 my life turned upside down.

I had my dream job working downtown Toronto as an assistant toy designer albeit was part time, but still a dream! I had manifested the hell out of it and when I finally had it my soul was saying something completely different.

That is when my life shut down.

I suddenly could not sleep, due to a very odd sleeping disorder. I became anxious and fell into a depression that I thought I would never recover from. I sat and watched you tube all day long to ward off the thoughts of depression and the anxiety of thinking of sleeping that evening.

I went to every doctor, sleep study, neurologist, MRI's. Everything came back inconclusive.

Then when I had tried everything I decided that I would give hypnosis a go!

Well, that's when it all turned around for me!

My husband is a hypnotist and we decided together to dig in to my subconscious and discover what might be causing this.

We uncovered many truths and found that by using hypnosis and meditation together, I was able to be released from anxiety and depression and get back to health and wholeness again!

I had friends doing reiki for me and other holistic modalities that helped greatly, infusing the feeling of calmness and love. I was able to sleep at night once again and I only used medication if it was over the top!

I had had thoughts of adding hypnosis to my education but now it was apparent that I needed to live a life of service and help others! So I took the training and here I am!

My sleep is now back to normal and I practice self hypnosis as a way to 'tune up'. My anxiety is at the lowest point its been in years and even though it may crop up once in a while I am able to stop it in its tracks!

Please feel free to reach out to me, if you are interested in this process or would like to know more information.

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