Why I started an alternative therapy business during Covid

Are you crazy? I's a nice idea, but really?

This was the general feedback I would receive after telling someone that I was opening a business during a pandemic. Luckily, I listened to my instincts and my heart and went through with it anyways.

I kept thinking, mental and physical health is what people REALLY need now! I can provide that for people all over the world! Alternative therapies are a wonderful way of recovering your mental well being nowadays. Hypnosis (which I offer) is only one modality, but there are so many different ways, including meditation, reiki and others!

I opened up a business because I saw a need for people to heal. Not only heal, but heal at the deepest of levels! People would walk into my clinic after having tried everything else and after a session, would leave feeling empowered, confident, relaxed and healed at so many levels.

This healing is what has kept me going. The pandemic rages on, but people's mental health is deteriorating at an unprecedented speed! If I can help heal my community and people around the world then I feel like I will have made a difference.

Little example:

A month ago, I had a husband and a wife quit smoking together after one session. Now their health is getting back on track and their lungs are healing! The pandemic made them nervous about their lungs and health after smoking for so many years but now they are feeling better and not as nervous anymore.

Giving them that confidence keeps me going through all this.

I can't say I wasn't nervous to open a clinic in the midst of all this...there were definitely sleepless nights. However, I believed in what I was doing and how much good it would do for people in these times.

If you are struggling with anxiety, feel free to reach out. HERE

If you happen to be struggling with sleep, please feel free to try my free hypnosis audio for sleep. HERE

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