I'm Hilary Leehane, a Toronto-based freelance product and automotive designer. Here you will find a showcase of my design experience and capabilities alongside a supplementary collection of typical project deliverables. Scroll down to see more.

Sketchwork & Concept Generation

Concept Design & Product Visualization

WINNING DESIGNS and mentions


A spot for people with compromised mobility to be able to enjoy Toronto's beaches waterfront.

Finalist in Architecture and Environmental Design for the DX Free Play Competition 2017


Environmentally friendly jewellery that gave back in the form of donations to endangered species.

Lee Renshaw Entrepreneurship Award

Scholarship for Design

Heinz Fuhrmann Memorial Scholarship for Industrial Design


A dispensing device for the elderly. Makes sure pills are taken on time by using identifiers such as colour and sound.

Organic clay study

Tasked with recreating an organic form using clay material.

1-1 Scale Blundstone

Using earthenware clay, I used my boot to create a 1-1 scale model. 


Locate, Extract, Medically Attend

A thesis project which focused on the management and movement of the people in Nunavut who needed medical attention.

1st Place Award Winner for Humber Thesis Show 'Alumni Favourite Design


A dashboard concept for the AUTO UI Conference 2018. Worked as a team with Humber College. The premise of the dash is for paramedics to gain more knowledge pre arrival through augmented reality. Also help with pre triage work. 

ACIDO Rocket Show

As a graduate at the top of my class I was nominated out of 7 students to attend The Rocket Show. A culmination of top of their field industrial design students from the 4 design schools across Ontario. I again presented my thesis at this show.


A portable bus handle displaying a silhouette of a 'bird on the line'. When in use gives onlookers the visual that a bird is perched on the bus rail. 

Photoshop Juicer

Re-creating a juicer from a photo, in Photoshop.

Cheese Board

Different kinds of wood were used in the making of this cheese board. 

Snapshot of Toy Design



As a designer I am always creating, whether it be collaborative or for myself. See below for my imaginative work!


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