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Stop Smoking Program


Every wonder why nicotine aids do not work? It's because you are not so much addicted to the nicotine as you are the mental habit of smoking.

No matter how many cigarettes you smoke and no matter how long you've been smoking, you will quit.


This program is for you if:

  • You're having trouble quitting but logically you know you should.

  • You experience an inner tug of war between logic and cravings when you try to quit.

  • You know that what is holding you back from quitting is the mental habit of cigarettes.

You can quit with this program. It is made to support you for a full year!

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Program Outline

WARNING: You WILL quit smoking, so please make sure you are ready to quit before booking!

Imagine having increased health and vitality, the ability to run and play, no more coughing, no more smoking odour, no more cravings! That is what will happen when you book with us to quit smoking!

We have every confidence that you will quit smoking with our stop smoking hypnosis program!

Our 21 day custom protocol for success audio is made just for you. By listening to this audio 1-2 times a day for 21 days you are going to find that your success rate sky rockets! 

Frequently asked questions

Can this really work for me??

Absolutely, but remember every person is different. Hypnosis for smoking cessation works with your state of mind. Traditional methods use the conscious mind to try and stop, which is hard to change! Through hypnosis, we use the subconscious mind to stop which is a lot more effective!

What is the success rate?

According to a study by the University of Washington’s School of Medicine, the success rate for hypnotized individuals in the study is 91%. Other studies comparing hypnosis with nicotine replacement therapy shows that the hypnotized group had a higher success rate than the group still using nicotine.

How many sessions could it take to stop?

Our smoking cessation program is a 2 session program but a 4 stage process where we support your success in every way! Through the hypnosis sessions, the custom 21 day protocol audio and workbook you are set up to succeed in every way! Plus you have free reinforcement sessions once a month for up to a year!

Where can I go to recieve stop smoking hypnosis?

We offer stop smoking hypnosis within our clinic in Lindsay.

Fill this out to ask about our programs or booking.

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