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Spiritual Regression

Hypnosis for past life regression

If you're at all interested in past lives, this is a fun, interesting experience that takes you through 2 + lives in order to uncover and work through life patterns. 

Hypnosis for Life between lives

First coined by Dr. Michael Newton. Life Between Live's takes the client on a journey through what many call the spirit realm.


Dear Hilary,


I am writing to express my gratitude and appreciation for the "Life between Lives" session that we worked on together. Your guidance through the process was calming and easy to follow along. I was able to figure out answers to many of my questions and received many profound insights. I was also able to reaffirm my own contemplations in the remaining questions where I still had prior doubts.


You guided me to ask the right questions at the right time. You intuitively figured out how much time I'd need during the pauses to receive my answers and allowed me that time. I did not feel rushed. At the same time, when I was stuck, you guided me beautifully to look at things that would help. You did not force any of your views and beliefs on me. You allowed me my own authenticity. I did not feel judged any time through the process.


It was a wonderful experience. Thank you, Hilary!



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