“There are too many people trying to escape from reality because they do not see their identity as having purpose or meaning.”  - Dr. Michael Newton

Think of this for a moment. How does this quote from Dr. Michael Newton (the pioneer of spiritually transformative hypnosis - Life Between Live's) make you feel? 

Nowadays, we look around, and all around us we see people escaping from reality, through video games, through over working, through addictions of all sorts, etc. 

What if I told you that there was a way to realize your potential, identity and purpose through hypnosis? 

We are excited to offer Spiritually Transformative Hypnosis Sessions!


Through this hypnosis session you will be in touch with your higher Self. The Self that is part of your superconscious. This is the Self that IS you. This is the part of you that knows what you came here to do and accomplish in life! 

The benefits of getting in touch with your higher self are countless. 

You will:

Know and understand the fundamentals of what your life's purpose is.

Feel increasingly connected to source and everything around you.

Recognize how love is really at the base of everything in life.

You may even uncover, why you are dealing with certain things in your life, like relationships, illness, insecurities and so on. 

Please reach out and book a Connection Call with me to discuss using Spiritual Hypnosis in your healing journey!

Hilary Leehane B.Des CH MH

Les Smith J.D. LL.M. CH MH



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