Confidence Building Guided Meditation Focused on Test Anxiety

Do you find yourself blanking during tests?  

You studied so many hours for the test and yet you can't recall what you learned? 

Your stomach hurts and you may feel sick. You feel tense and worried.

This is usually called Test Anxiety and you can stop it in its tracks!

Uncertainty strips us of our confidence and makes the simplest of things daunting. 

You can do this! Dive into tests and exams this year with excitement and belief in yourself!  

Program yourself to remain calm and clear while bringing out your highest academic abilities! The highest performers in sport, business and art, regularly engage in visualization and confidence building meditation, and you can too!

Take 30 min in a quiet place and listen. You will notice your calmness and confidence rise. Listen to it every day, listen to it many times a day. Watch how your clarity and drive grow!

Who can benefit from this session?

- post secondary students taking exams

- high school students taking tests and exams

- children who struggle with tests

- testing for your drivers license, SAT's and so much more!

If you are feeling like this is something you would benefit from, please email to receive a free download!

Hilary Leehane B.Des CH MH

Les Smith J.D. LL.M. CH MH



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