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A 20 Hour Comprehensive Program, Customized to Exactly the Life You Want!

What do you find yourself struggling with? 

Self Love? Shame? Guilt? Fear?

Let's move you into the life you want to be living! 

Imagine a life without fear...

What would that look like? What would you do? Fear can hold us back from simple things like painting or drawing to big things like starting a business or getting on stage. 

Transforming the subconscious mind...

Imagine a computer and your life is playing out on the monitor, but the real program is coming from the hardware and software in the main box. 

Hypnotherapy is key in targeting those programs running the monitor and making simple, effective, life lasting changes to them! 

Layout of Sessions!

1. Up and out! Suggestions for positive change, releasing anxieties, frustrations, angers + more!
2. Self-Care - Releasing judgement of self.
3. Self-Love - Working with your younger self.
4. Intuitive Senses - Finding your intuition - Intuitive living, Intuitive eating, intuitive love for yourself and others.
5. Parts work! Allowing parts of yourself to release limiting beliefs, anything holding you back!
6. Forgiving - Forgiving yourself + others!
7. Finding your journey, learning what you love to do. Being the person you are meant to be!
8. Spirit & Senses - The connection to your journey, the world around you and source!
9. Integration #1 - No holding back, releasing fear of the unknown.
10. Integration #2 - Being comfortable day to day being the new, expansive you!