Types of Regression

Hypnosis covers many fascinating and different kinds of regression. Below are some forms of regression that might interest you.


Age Regression

Moving back in your life to uncover, reprocess and balance old experiences, so that you can move forward in life.


Reiki & Hypnosis

Not as much regression during this session but if the need arises then we can work through the past while energetically working with the body.

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If you're at all interested in past lives, this is a fun, interesting experience that takes you through 2 + lives in order to uncover and work through life patterns. 

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A journey through past lives and then to your Higher Self. Questions answered along the way. Founded by Delores Cannon.

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Life Between Lives

First coined by Dr. Michael Newton. Life Between Live's takes the client on a journey through what many call the spirit realm.

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Source Energy Connection

This is our 5-PATH program infused with spiritual nuances. Much self healing can be done on an energetic level and we work through anything you need to work on with that in mind.

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