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This is already a hard year for everyone, don't let weight loss be something else that you struggle with. 

Why not start off your Weight Loss journey by priming yourself in December to start in January! 

We can start now, so that in the new year you are on the right path!

"I have struggled with weight since I was a young adult. Using this program I was able to see where it had all started and how to overcome the blocks that lead to my overeating!" I have since lost 25Lbs!

                                                  -Kloe T.

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We use our 5-PATH® Transformational hypnosis program for weight loss. Over the 4 week program you will develop the ability to resist cravings, urges and have the natural feeling of being full restored! You will have a new mindset that enables you to live a healthy lifestyle! Imagine a bright future where you are the weight you want to be, no more yo yo diets and feelings of insecurity! We promise you that throughout your hypnosis journey you will become the person you have always wanted to be, with confidence, determination and clarity!





Many of those who struggle with weight loss blame themselves. What if we told you that something from your past might be the reason you are unable to make changes?

Our thoughts create our reality and sometimes moments that seemed innocuous at the time during our past have actually shaped who we are today!

An example:

5 years old, mom or dad say to eat everything on the plate before 5 year old can have dessert. The 5 year old is being programmed to think that eating leads to something that feels good, (the dessert).

Now the 35 year old is eating more because for a few moments after eating the mind makes the body feel good, it is recreating the dessert. 

Its hard to imagine that something so simple as being told to eat everything on our plates can lead to a state of mind where we do not even recognize why we are eating like we do. There are so many reasons why you might be feeling held back. Let's put them to rest so that you can move on and be the best you!

Now...this process is not about blaming our parents. They were doing what they thought was the right thing to do during that time. What this process is about is reframing the thought program that the 5 year old still has running in their mind, even though they are now 35!

Losing weight is achievable and hypnosis can and will speed up the process! 

There is no calorie counting here, only state of mind solutions!

Frequently asked questions

Can I actually use hypnosis to lose weight?

Yes! People have been using hypnosis to lose weight for many years now! You can too!

How much does hypnosis for weight loss cost?

We have a 5 session plan that is specific to you for optimal results. Please book a Strategy Call with us for further information. We do have payment plans.

How many sessions does it normally take to see results?

We are not about selling sessions, we are about selling results. We offer programs for results, these include sessions but it must be taken into consideration that no matter how many sessions are within the program, we will get to the cause of why you feel you can't lose the weight and reprocess and reprogram your mind so that you will have success!

Can anyone do hypnosis?

Yes! Remember hypnosis is achieved naturally by you and everyone around you multiple times a day. You are in hypnosis while you watch television, while you drive and also when you are intently focused on something. If you find yourself really motivated to make a change in your life, then hypnosis is for you!

I overeat or binge eat, can hypnosis help with that?

Absolutely, these habits are from a deep rooted program that we will find together through hypnosis and you will overcome!

How effective will hypnosis be for weight loss?

A compilation of studies rolled into an article describes that, early studies from the 90s found that people who used hypnosis lost more than twice as much weight as those who dieted without the cognitive therapy. A 2014 study worked with 60 obese women, and found that those who practiced hypnobehavioral therapy lost weight and improved their eating habits and body image. And a small 2017 study worked with eight obese adults and three children, all of whom successfully lost weight, with one even avoiding surgery due to the treatment benefits. Journal articles found: Study 1 Study 2 Study 3

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Les Smith J.D. LL.M. CH MH



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