Lose weight and keep it off!

Our clients lose an average of 3 lbs a week. 

Using Hypnotherapy to lose weight is a perfect combination of learning self love, confidence in oneself and being able to now keep the weight from coming back!

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Your weight loss journey using Hypnotherapy

After our initial free consult we will make a decision on what would be the best route for you. 5-PATH or Virtual Gastric Band

What is Virtual Gastric Band?

This is not a diet and does not involve depriving oneself of food.

This is a resetting of your eating habits and allows you to make small, realistic changes in your eating habits that align with exactly what you want.

It uses hypnosis and psychology-based skills to help you think about food more pragmatically. Resulting in smaller food portions and sustained weight loss.

What is 5-PATH?

The 5-PATH process uncovers past programs that are running throughout your life making it hard to normalize your eating process. Through this process we use suggestion, regression, lots of forgiveness and letting go of unwanted programming from the distant or recent past

Unconscious Eating Habits... Where are they coming from?

Targeting the source of bad eating habits is the ultimate goal in your journey. 

When did this all start?

Contrary to what you might believe, your emotion surrounding your eating habit probably started as far back as when you were 0-6 years of age! 

Through discovery and regression hypnotherapy we access this emotion and reprogram it so it does not hinder your life anymore. 

Does this sound like you?

When you go to eat, you feel guilt, shame, anger that you feel out of control or sadness that you feel like you can't stay on top of healthy eating?

Do not worry, this feeling is stemming from somewhere in your past and through targeted hypnotherapy we will neutralize the feeling and it will never play into your weight loss journey again! These feelings have a habit of keeping us in a never ending loop. 

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