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NGH Certified Program

Become a professional

Our comprehensive training program will take you through every step of hypnosis. You will graduate feeling confident and with the knowledge to develop your own thriving business.

Become a Hypnotist
Become a Hypnotist

Be confident starting your own business. 

Our trainers have helped people all over the world start business's. You will learn a business model that will help you scale in any way you like.

Whether you want to add hypnosis to your current work or be an entrepreneur, you will leave with the skills needed for success!


Help people feel better with hypnosis. 

You know you want to help people but not sure how to start? 

Upon receiving NGH certification you can feel confident in your abilities to get started helping others with weight loss, smoking, stress reduction and more.

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Two programs to fit your needs.

We offer two types of training programs to fit your schedule.

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Become a Hypnotist Pricing

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NGH Flagship Training - Condensed


+ tax

This training is for those wanting to become a hypnosis professional in a shorter amount of time. 

130 hours of training + practice
Live + Online Instruction
NGH Certification
Business Lessons Included
$500 to Reserve Your Spot Today
Dates Coming Soon

NGH Flagship Training - 6 Month


+ tax

This training is for those wanting to have a longer time in practice and pay over instalments.

130 hours of training + practice
Live + Online Instruction
NGH Certification
Business Lessons Included
$500 to Reserve Your Spot Today
Dates Coming Soon

  • What is Hypnotherapy?
    Hypnotherapy is nothing like you see on stage and in the movies. Hypnotherapy allows your body to relax completely and your mind to be alert and ready to positive change through suggestion. Helping you to release limiting beliefs and make powerful changes!
  • Is Hypnotherapy Safe?
    Mainstream media would have you believe that those under hypnosis are susceptible to coercion and may be prompted to do things they would not otherwise do. Rest assured you are completely aware of your surroundings and not "asleep" at all! We have conversations back and forth during your session. So Yes, Hypnotherapy is safe! We are guiding you to make the most meaningful changes that you want in your life.
  • How many sessions?
    This is different for everyone, however on average it takes 4-6 sessions to make see a substantial difference, but more importantly, have it stick. The mind can make the change as soon as 1 session but it needs training and anchoring of your goals to have it balance out and not reverse. We offer programs that completely cover your transformation. We do not sell 1 off sessions because as much as you will feel better, it is a waste of your money and time.
  • What is the Hypnosis process like?
    When you arrive at the clinic you will have a conversation with our hypnotherapist that may or may not be lengthly depending on what you're working through. You are then seated in a reclining chair where you will relax completely and our specialist will take you through into a trance like state - similar to daydreaming. We then go through the process of finding out where your emotions are stemming from and releasing them through our proven system!
  • Will it work for me?
    Every person on this planet has the ability to make powerful changes, its just that sometimes there's mental blocks and limiting beliefs that get in the way. We work on those barriers so that they are removed and you can clear a path for a bright future!
  • Is Hypnosis Effective?
    Hypnosis is very effective for people from all walks of life! It is widely used for weight loss, anxiety and quitting smoking with fabulous results! Don't take my word for it though, check out our testimonial page and see for yourself!
  • Is Hypnotherapy a natural cure?
    Hypnotherapy is not a cure, however can be seen as a way to move through limiting beliefs and psychological blocks, moving forward in a safe and natural way.
  • What are your Privacy & Refund Policies?
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