At State of Mind Hypnosis, our team is dedicated to being the source of inspiration for those who refuse to settle for anything less than an extraordinary life. Through targeted hypnosis techniques you will be well on your way to feeling better even after just 1 session. There is nothing more important than your state of mind! 

If you are nervous about hypnosis or unsure if it's right for you, please do not hesitate to reach out to us by booking a free consultation, where we will help you understand what hypnosis actually is and go over our programs with you.

Hilary Leehane

Owner and main Hypnotherapist at State of Mind.

After using the power of Hypnosis to recover from a rare sleeping disorder and move past anxieties and depression, Hilary dove into Hypnosis as a method to help others.

She helps women regain confidence and step past stuck emotions into fulfilling lives.



- 5-Path™

- 7th - PATH™

- HypnoFit®

- Pain Management

- Virtual Gastric Band

- Past Life Regression

- Between Live's Regression



- Bachelor's of Industrial Design

- Business Administration Marketing

- Art Fundamentals

Image by James Donaldson
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