After suffering with a rare sleeping disorder, chronic anxiety and depression, I retrained as a hypnotherapist to help others!


After being told by doctors that they could not help me in any way, I became quite depressed.  I was scared of hypnosis because of what I had seen on stage and in movies. No way was I going to lose control! Well, I felt like I was at the end of my rope, so I gave hypnosis a try! Little did I know that I had full control and was alert the whole time, just very VERY relaxed. At this point I was not wanting to work for corporate again so I retrained as a hypnotherapist to help others.

Training, Credentials & Affiliations

Hilary Leehane B.Des CH MH

Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist with CACHE

Master Hypnotherapist with NGH

Consulting Hypnotist with NGH

5-PATH Hypnotherapist with the Banyan Hypnosis Center

7th Path Teacher + Self Hypnosis Hypnotist

National Guild of Hypnotists (NGH) Certified

Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist

Past Life Regression Hypnotherapist

Spiritual Coaching


Bachelor of Industrial Design

Yoga Instructor

Meditation Instructor

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Hypnotherapy for Weight Loss

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Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

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Hypnotherapy for Better Sleep

Better, deeper sleep is waiting for you right around the corner. Get the Zzz's that you've been wishing for!

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Hypnotherapy to quit smoking

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