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What is Hypnosis?


Relaxed & Alert,

It's as simple as that.

Okay...that's nice to hear, but what about those hypnosis shows where people act silly and look out of control?

I get it, I was under the same impression years ago. You would NEV
ER find me in a hypnosis chair.

Stage hypnosis is fun and exciting but you must know that the people who stay up on stage are the ones that are willing to act silly. What you wind up seeing is 10-15 people who are willing to accept the suggestion of acting silly.

Hypnosis in the self-healing sense is the willingness for the mind to accept positive, life affirming suggestions!

You are alert and awake the whole time, just deeply relaxed. 

Times when you are naturally in hypnosis during your day:

  • watching tv or a movie

  • scrolling on your phone

  • reading a good book


So reach out to us today or book a free zoom or in clinic meeting and let's see where hypnosis can take you!

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