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Why State of Mind Hypnosis?

We are all a product of our State of Mind...

State of Mind Hypnosis arose from this idea that nothing is more important than our state of mind. Our thoughts can help create our world around us and our thoughts create our inner world...

An example of hypnosis 'state of mind' that might dictate our life:

A child is 4 years old, and her parents bring home a new sibling. This little 4 year old is excited but also confused why her parents would be spending so much time with this new arrival.

Out of confusion and sadness at the thought of not being at the centre of her parents affection she starts lashing out.

This lashing out is then directed over time towards the sibling. Suddenly one day she hurts her sibling and gets in big trouble! Her parents tell her how this is very wrong and you could have really hurt the other sibling with your lashing out, the parents then go back to the younger one without really speaking with the 4 year old about her feelings of confusion and sadness...

Fast forward 30 years and deep down there is guilt and shame about how the older sibling treated their younger sibling and the reaction from the parents. Within the subconscious mind there is an inability to understand that their 4 year old self did not really understand the situation nor did the parents.

She had held onto this feeling of guilt and shame over how she treated her sibling and how the parents had scolded her for over 30 years!

One day she decides to bring up the topic of that day from 30 years ago with her parents and younger sibling. The parents can't even remember it! PLUS the younger sibling just laughs it off, because they don't recall it either!

So for 30 years the she had created a life developed around a 'thought form' creating a 'state of mind'. A life that now had compounded feelings of guilt and shame. The situation from 30 years ago had created a 'thought' that had now created a pattern and 'form'ed belief systems about who she thought she was as a person.

So, this is where 'State of Mind Hypnosis' stems from! Our subconscious mind is full of thought forms that have dictated how we see ourselves and our story.

As children our minds are open to the world and constantly creating narratives around circumstances that may be viewed completely differently by others that were even in the same place and time! Hence, the parents and sibling not even recalling the situation.

Through hypnosis we can help release these patterns that make us feel anxious or angry or phobic, etc.!

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