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Helpful Hypnosis

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

Besides hypnosis being a self healing journey for each of my clients. I have decided to add healing to my practice in other ways. Specifically Energy Transference & Reiki.

Energetic healing has always been something that I have come by naturally but I have not really had the guts to add it to my business, it has been mainly friends and family that have benefited from it over the years.

After using some self hypnosis recently to let go of my limiting beliefs about holding myself back, I now want to offer it to my community!

I am moved to incorporate healing and hypnosis into one session. So my client would be relaxed on a massage table and as they do hypnosis I would do an energetic healing on them.

What this looks like: An energetic healing is hands being held away from the body but directing energy towards parts of the client that need energetic transference. Energetic Transference being the movement of energy moving through myself and to you. This energy is uplifting, healing and positive.

A blockage may be occurring within the body of the client and the process is to move that blockage of energy and allow it to break down but in its place be replaced by smooth energy that flows naturally.

This session is relaxing and beneficial in so many ways including:

- feeling shifts in the body towards health and self healing

- feeling your vibration as a whole being raised, feeling the positive aspects of life

- allows the body to move from fight and flight to a state of relaxation which allows it to heal from stress or injury.

This involves the use of Reiki, connecting to source energy for movement, healing and relaxation.

If you would like to sign up for a 75 minute session, please reserve your spot HERE!

A 75min session is $130 tax included.

Breakdown of a session:

Relaxing music in the background.

10-15 minutes of getting to know what you would like to work on during hypnosis.

45-50 minutes of Reiki, Energy Healing and Hypnosis

10 minute rejuvenate, wind down and wrap up the session

Love and light




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