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Making Changes With Hypnosis & Meditation

When I first started on my hypnosis journey, I was actually scared to go deep into my subconscious because of what I may find there. I was so used to checking out of this world, listening to music, watching hours of YouTube or tv, or my dreaded month+ of video game addiction. (I'll leave that one for another blog!)

Every ounce of me kept telling me to go within. Answers will come once you get to the deeper aspects of why you are anxious, unhappy, the list goes on.

Once I stepped into the world of hypnosis and meditation, I was better able to decipher what thoughts I was having that were detrimental to my well being. Before, those thoughts were a pattern that I was accepting and not even realizing it, but now, I was looking inward, I was seeing those thoughts as something that I had the power over now, not the other way around.

At one point I actually thought I was done for. My heart was racing non stop with a resting heart beat around 97-105. I would wake up to panic attacks late at night with my heart thumping in my head. My husband gave me great advice at this point and told me to sternly and directly tell myself, "I am not going to die". I had nothing else to lose so I gave it a whirl.

Every day I would look at myself in the mirror telling myself, "I am enough, I am deciding right now to live!"

I can't say that there was a significant day where everything turned around for me, but instead it was a gradual reclaiming of my life!

These positive affirmations coupled with hypnosis sessions allowed me to pull myself up and out of the hole I felt myself in.

My hypnosis sessions ranged from regular age regression to past life regression to negative energy release. Within a few weeks of really delving into my subconscious I was feeling so much better! My rapid heart beat was going away and my sleep was vastly improving. I felt like I was starting to gain back control of my life.

Why hypnosis works...

Hypnosis worked for me because my subconscious mind was holding on to negative thought patterns that stemmed right from childhood traumas. Now...if I told you the childhood stories you might never think they were traumatic, however to a 1 or 2 year old they feel traumatic. When we are under the age of 5 we do not tend to have the part of our mind yet that scans and distributes messages/scenarios based on our past. So we are like sponges, soaking up information whether good or bad.

If we go through a scenario where it made us feel a negative feeling, that feeling is compounded over our lifetime when similar situations arise and then at some point in the future we wonder why we get so anxious or angry at something and it has to do with something that happened 40 years ago!

Once these childhood scenarios were dealt with through hypnosis, I was able to better deal with situations now in my present experience that would have normally sent me over the edge, so to speak.

Our subconscious is an incredibly powerful part of our mind! A well trained hypnotist will help you access your subconscious mind and bring you forward into a state of health and wellness by releasing negative past experiences. This is not to say that those experiences will be gone from your mind, instead they will be there, but without the negative feeling in your body that crops up when you think about them.

Please reach out to me if you would like to book an appointment! I am a Certified 5-PATH® hypnotist.

If you are unsure if hypnosis is for you, please reach out to me by calling or emailing me!

Hypnosis for anxiety



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