Stop Smoking With Hypnosis!

Updated: Dec 7, 2020

Hypnosis is a great way to stop smoking! It's safe, easy and drug-free! And it works! A study done by the University of Washington's School of Medicine points to the success rate of 91% in individuals being hypnotized for smoking cessation.

Why does hypnotherapy work? Smoking is not just a chemical addiction, there are deeply rooted thoughts and belief systems in our subconscious that play into the addiction. Hypnotherapy taps into the feelings of why you want to smoke and helps change them to become whole and healthy, empowered and free!

Why do other stop smoking methods mostly fail?

Nicotine replacement therapy, weaning and going cold turkey all look and sound good but they all play into the idea that smoking is something that can be fixed with conscious thought or external forces. Consciously people usually do not want to be smokers, they know the hazards associated and the addiction, not to mention the amount of money they spend, teeth stains, bad breath, etc. This however is overpowered by the subconscious mind! There is a pattern running in the background that gives power to the emotional needs of the smoker, feeling that the cigarette is a 'friend', your daily rituals around smoking and that subtle feeling of empowerment when you smoke.

Accessing that subconscious mind to finally quit!

Smoking takes 1-2 sessions to quit. Imagine that! Your hypnotherapist will bring you to a deep state of relaxation where your mind is now open to beneficial suggestions that will go straight to your subconscious mind. This opening of the subconscious mind will lift and identify deeper reasons and belief systems that surround your smoking. You may be surprised by some of these reasons! Once these subconscious motives are uncovered your hypnotherapist will make use of incredibly positive, healthy, motivational suggestions for you to invoke a smoke free lifestyle!

Remember, you were born a non-smoker! Once you get back to who you were before smoking you will find that your desire for cigarettes is gone!

Yes, people have fears around stopping smoking, sometimes they are worried they will gain weight, sometimes that they will not know how to cope with stress and anxiety or know what to do in social situations where smokers are around.

Gaining weight is usually an effect from using smoking as a comfort or coping mechanism. During your session we will address these issues and make sure there is not a void where food would be a replacement.

Stress and anxiety can crop up but you will now have the tools and methods to confront situations calmly and with purpose.

Like anyone, you may find yourself in social situations where people around you are smoking. Hypnotherapy cannot completely take away your decision not to smoke but instead you will now feel an overwhelming choice to not smoke, and reject cigarettes. This choice was not easy before hypnosis.

To inquire further about whether or not this process is right for you, please contact me HERE

Disclaimer - hypnosis is not medical care. Nor is it psychotherapy or psychological advise. Results may differ from client to client and depend on your past history, motivation to make changes in your, hypnotic suggestibility and many other factors that are not in our control.

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