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The Amazing Effects of Spiritual Hypnosis!

Whether you are wanting to have a spiritual experience, or recall a spiritual experience, hypnosis has you covered!

As a Hypnotherapist with an emphasis on deeper life pattern work, I take a lot of people through these meaningful experiences.

While in hypnosis it is very likely you will find yourself in places of beauty, fields with flowers, mountains with forests, lakesides and rivers! The beauty is endless!

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

For those who want to recall past lives, you may find yourself in all kinds of lifetimes. Usually not the ones you would expect! People often exclaim to me that they were surprised they were a different gender, and how that felt! Going through past lives can have incredible effects on our current lives, including understanding relationship patterns, health issues and purpose! Many of my clients even come back to say that they were now able to resolve their health issues or stop any negative relationship patterns that seem to play over and over again. People find meaning within their own being!

Past Life Regression Hypnosis

Life Between Live's Hypnosis

Here we have a massive world unto its own. I will never get over the fact that my clients all go and see most of the same things! Here you will understand your life from a broader perspective. You may see things like: meeting your soul group, visiting the akashic records, soul travel through amazing scenery, speaking to a council of elders + so much more! Clients explain to me afterwards how they now understand why things happened in their life, what they need to do now for their future and often how they suddenly do not have the fear of dying as they once did. This is profound for me to hear as well!

So if you're looking to experience something profound and life changing, I would highly suggest looking for a qualified, specially trained hypnotist in these fields!

You will walk away a new person!

Feel free to contact me if you would like more info or to book a session!


Life Between Live's Hypnosis



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