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The Spring Light Rejuvenates

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

As I sit here on a chilly Saturday morning, drinking my coffee, the trees are laden with ice. I think about how spring is right around the corner. Imagining my gardens and the sounds of the birds.

The sunlight is changing, as are the shadows and just like my mind goes into a kind of hibernation during the first snowfall, the sunlight through the window is shedding light on the parts of my mind that I had stored away for spring. Thoughts of fairy gardens, bird houses and hummingbirds.

The world is ever changing and I could choose to go down the rabbit hole. However, on this frozen morning I choose to fill my mind with thoughts of the lake, the sunshine, sitting out in the sun drinking my coffee. These bring me peace.

As I do this I also meditate on sending loving kindness out to the world. All areas of the world.

I imagine the world wrapped in a white light woven blanket. I watch as golden threads make their way down to earth and touch every human being with love and whispers of safety and peace.

We can't always change the world, but we can choose to change our mind about the world.

When we change our mind about the world it naturally changes our inner world and our perception of every day life. Whether it's an interaction with a neighbour, a sibling, a boss. You will find yourself calmer and more peaceful.

There are always two choices in this world. The choice of love or the choice of fear.

Lets choose love. ❤️



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